5 year Leather / Fabric Protection

Give you your new furniture protection from everyday spillages and wear and tear with a 5 year leather or fabric protection program.

Provide yourself a peace of mind guarantee knowing that if you can’t fix it yourself we will come out to inspect and fix*



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When using our Fabric / Leather Protection Program, you will also receive the kit below to further help maintain your product;


The Berkowitz Leather Care Kit includes:

250ml leather cleaner (x1)

250ml leather conditioner (x1)

125ml ink remover (x1)

Application cloth (x1)




The Berkowitz Fabric Care Kit includes:

500ml fabric seal (x2)

500ml fabric cleaner (x2)

125ml ink remover

Application cloth






What is / not covered by our Accidental Damage Protection: 



Animal damage such as clawing, scratching or chewing


Damage as a result of deficiencies in the manufacturing process of the leather or furniture

Human bodily fluids

Misuse, abuse or issues arising from lack of care and maintenance


Build up of dirt, grime, and sweat marks

Crayons and markers

Odours, discolouration and fading

Ballpoint pen, ink and paint

Damage caused by everyday use, such as: general wear and tear, general soiling or cracking, fading, peeling, colour or dye transfer, surface scratches or scuff marks

Dirt and mud

Stains from cleaning methods other than those recommended by the manufacturer


Stains caused by fire, wind, flood, sunlight, weather, burst pipes or theft


Furniture used for commercial or rental purposes


Attending to Spillages / Stain
When spillages occur you must attend to them immediately with a damp cloth.
Should that not work please refer to your pamphlet with the help-line number to call


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